Thonic Innovation

A value innovation company to improve the management of veno-lymphatic conditions

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Thonic bandage

A simpler and safer patented compression/containment system for self-bandaging and homecare

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Meet us

Do you want to discover the Thonic bandage? Come and see us during a conference or contact us for a demo

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Thonic Innovation is setting up partnerships with professionals organisations and patients associations

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Thonic bandage

Our patented system is more adapted for a use in self-bandaging and in homecare because it is:


Simple & cost-efficient

Easier and faster to apply, Thonic bandage is washable and reusable.


Safe and comfortable

The 100% cotton outerlayer that ensures the mechanical limitation of the elastic bandage stretchability is always in contact with the skin.

4 good reasons to chose Thonic bandage



Our patented system allows the simultaneous application of the inelastic and elastic layers !



The mechanical limitation of the stretchability allows to avoid the risks of over-pressures



The patient's skin is always in contact with the 100% cotton outer layer



Thonic bandage is washable and reusable