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The development of the homecare market is explained by 2 main trends on the healthcare market:

  1. The desire and/or need to reduce the costs and/or expenses for healthcare
  2. the request of empowerment by patients.

The consequence of these 2 trends is that the act of care is more and more carried out by less specialized healthcare professionals or even by the patients themselves or their carers.

This means the request on the homecare market is for simpler and safer products.

As far as compression bandaging is concerned, it is a science as well as an art and the systems currently available, which can be very efficient when applied by specialists, are not adapted to the realities of the homecare market:

  • Too rarely trained to apply compression bandages,  primary healthcare professionnals have also often to face workloads that do not allow them to have enough time for an efficient application at the patients home, not to mention that sometimes they do not receive any payment for this time.
  • As far as self-bandaging is concerned, although it certainly allows to obtain excellent results, many prescribers still hesitate to include it into the therapeutic strategy because of the complexity of application and the risks of applying too high pressures pf the systems currently available.

Thonic bandage has been developed to bring an answer to these problems. Click here to learn more about Thonic bandage.