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D.P. - Lymphedema patient - USA - 2019

I have been using the bandage/wrap every day. I use it the most in two ways, more wrap support over my custom night-time garment because I have my lymphedema in my right thigh I feel I am not as contained during the night with just my [brand] garment. This way I add more compression to the thigh area only using my new wrap from you. The second way I have added the use of the wrap is when I elevate at night when I have more swelling from a long day. I wrap right over my thigh high compression and relax elevated for a few evening hours. This has helped me with less time in my pneumatic compression leg sleeve. I can still easily walk and do dishes, laundry, or simple things around the house in the evenings when wrapped. 

Comfort and softness is incredible. Never once in three months have I had to loosen the wrap due to discomfort. The easy of donning and use of the dark guide line for applying is a huge benefit. I add a small amount of tension when I wrap my thigh and never once has the wrap slipped down. Super easy to use closure type belt. The ability to add this simple closure strap to the top of my thigh has been an added ease of use for being able to adjust it and apply it without any trouble. 

 Washing the wrap in cold water and laying flat with minimal reshaping has been simple. I do put it in a large laundry (lingerie) bag for washing purposed to not have it get tangled. Then I roll it back up for ease of donning and doffing. 

 I love the length as I can start just below the knee and wrap upward to the groin with ease and comfort as this covers my trouble spot on my lymphedema leg. 

 This wrap has reduced the amount of extra bulky garments and velcro wraps needed for traveling. I have short flights weekly and having this wrap with me is fantastic in a hotel and small enough in carry on luggage. 

 Overall satisfaction is beyond happiness, increased freedom, less time wrapping, and great comfort. I would recommend this wrap for lymphedema control.